is the power to turn water (and possibly any liquid substance or moisture of any kind) into a gelatin-like compound. The only known mermaid to have this unique water-based ability is Bella. Bella also shows the ability to change its viscosity (making jelly to catch Cleo's fish, and making a rigid substance for a stepping stone). And on the episode "Queen for a Day" Bella's allergic reaction affected her mermaid powers and so when she sneezed it caused every liquid in the room to become gelatin.

Substanciakinesis is the ability to harden water into a substance similar to crystal as shown in episode "Crime & Punishment" in order to cure and harden the mermaid sculpture that Bella and Cleo (by using her hydrokinesis plus Bella's gelidkinesis powers and abilities) made for Rikki's birthday present.

Mecokinesis is the combined ability of both substanciakinesis and gelidkinesis; which equals the ability to make gelatin explode, and also be used to glue objects together or create enough sticky or gelatin ease in objects causing them to poor bucket loads of goo or sticky slime. This has been used to control, manipulate and mold mud or slime into a variety of shapes or forms, similar to hydrokinesis .